Let's start selling your products in Japan!

Key Points to sell goods in Japan

Offer Customer Service in Japanese

When the customers purchase from online, they needs to be certain what they are buying. Customers might ask if you have a stock, and they might ask the some details of your products. Enjapa will connect you and customers, and provide the top of the line Japanese customer service.

Market Places

It is very important to know which online market places are well known in Japan when you wish to reach out target customers effectively. Enjapa is familiar with the Japanese market and assist you with our experience.

From order to delivery

When you receive the customer orders, you will need to update the each steps, such as invoicing, providing tracking numbers, sending thank you emails, and provide customer feedbacks, in the online market places. Enjapa will work with you and assist your needs.

Payment from customers

Selecting the right payment system is very important when you sell your products at online market place. Because you might be located outside of Japan, you might not be familiar with the most reliable payment system available in Japan. Enjapa will help you to find and sign up the appropriate payment service for the online market place.

Clear and Detailed Product Description

All customers will read your products, then buy your products if your product is what they like. Because the customers will not see your product physically, it is important to explain your product in clear and detailed words at your product description page.

Order automation

When your business grows and it is not possible to handle your orders manually, it might be time to consider automation using some software or programming. Enjapa can work with you and provide technology solutions to help your business grow seamlessly.

Japanese Customers wonders

Do I really receive the item?
Does the merchant speak Japanese when I have a question?
How much are shipping and custom tax?
The product description is not clear. Is this product listing really true?

Customer survey

Customer Satisfaction

OK! Let's do this!

You have read up to this section and we believe you are interested! Before you decide if you really want to enhance your sales to Japan with Enjapa, let's start our conversation. More you know about us and what Enjapa can help you, you will have confidence with us. Our goal is to assist you to sell your products in Japan and we are here for you!